Apr 13, 2018

2018.04.03. 화요일 발표시간 - 이시온



최근에 검정고시 준비하면서 1주를 남기고 학원을 안가고 공부를 해야겠다 하고 학원에 연락을 했는데, 학원에서 연락 받았다고 근데 10분이라도 좋으니까 얘기하고 싶다고 했다. 가니까 링컨다니면서 학원도 많이 빠지고 늦게오고 해서,선생님이 불편하게 여기신 부분이 없지않아 있었다. 냉정하게 말씀하시더라 입시가 얼마 안남았다 계속 이런식으로 가면 대학갈 실력도 안되고 이렇게 다닐바에는 돈낭비다. 학원을 선택하든지 학교를 선택해라 했다. 상담이 끝나고 고민이 많이도었다. 공부도 해야하는데 성적도 안나오고, 모르겠다하면서 기분안좋았었다가도 아무렇지 않게 잊어 버리려다가도 내가 원하는 답이 안나왓다. 미숙쌤께 들고 나갔다. 지금 선교회 보면 배우쪽이나 영화쪽으로 열리고 있다. 중요한 직업이기도 하고, 선생님이 봤을땐 하나님이 원하시는 길이 맞는것 같다 라고 하셨다. 3기 선배 등 주위에서도 많이 도와주셨다. 첫번째로 마음을 바꾸고 절실해 져야한다 말씀을 더 가까이 대하고 했으면 좋겠다라고 말씀해주셨다.

New Posts
  • I was went to Mahanaim Language School for 2 month ago and I learned a lot of things while staying there. First of all, in Mahanaim, students can learn English grammar and useful expression. They make our students to be skilled in using English expressions. At the last day we had to perform a short play using the expressions we learned. That time students should prepare for 2 weeks. We can learned confidence and pronunciation during that time. We also toured the United States for one week. The church deacon helped us by driving our tour bus. We can tour around the northern part of America. We took many pictures and left with memories. The time was as fast as thunder, I realized we should work hard in our studies.
  • We went on a New York tour every Saturday. So we went to Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge was completed in 1883. This bridge in Manhattan and Brooklyn, before it was first completed, people go across the river by boat. The bridge was completed, but people feared it would collapse. Eventually, he called a circus troupe to cross the elephants. That is not collapsing and people are safe, crossed the bridge. I was a little scared when I crossed the bridge because I was afraid of heights. When I looked down when I crossed the bridge, I was scared because there was a road and a river. When I crossed the bridge, I thought that I was scared because the bridge was stronger than I expected. If I cross this bridge again next time, I want to take lots of pictures on this bridge without any worries.
  • I have been to America for 2 months. I lived in Mahanaim Language School. I learned a lot of English there and we went to New York Eastern Tour and Thanked the Church brothers and sisters Because they gave food and drove us in the tour bus. The most memorable place for me is the Statue of Liberty. I've heard a lot about it but I've never seen it, so it was amazing to see the Statue of Liberty in person. Not many people in my age have been to the United States and took pictures in front of the Statue of Liberty. So, I thanked Lincoln House Gwangju for giving me this chance. If I had not come to this school I would not have had this experience.
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